Hospitality sector encouraged to improve staff retention measures

Hospitality sector staff retention measures
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The Office of National Statistics has revealed unfilled hospitality positions across the UK for the three months to October stand at 151,000, up from 139,000 in the prior period.


The figures were described as “a stark indicator” by workforce management firm Bizimply, which reported one in five businesses are not taking steps to recruit and retain staff.

“Not only are most businesses running with vacancies, but experienced hospitality staff are being courted by other employers,” said CEO Conor Shaw. “People want to feel valued, and will move on quickly if they don’t.”

“The reality is that those operators who have previously seen staff as a commodity to be replaced whenever necessary, rather than an asset to be retained and invested in, will have to adopt a different approach.”

The observations come as part of Bizimply’s recent report Fragile to Agile: How to Navigate the New Era of Hospitality, produced in partnership with Hospitality Mavericks, which found just 21 percent of firms were increasing pay, and only 10 percent improving benefits.

“Of course, hospitality businesses face challenges other than staffing, such as property costs, compliance and rising supply side inflation, but ultimately it’s people that give a business the edge over the competition.”

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