MERKUR Initiative reaches new heights

Merkur Initiative reaches new heights
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MERKUR UK has underlined its credentials as a good corporate citizen supporting a charity ascent of Kilimanjaro.


The impact of MERKUR Initiative, the programme launched to support the positive social endeavours undertaken by individuals and organisations, has quite literally reached new heights.

The fund which was launched in Spring 2021, has provided valuable sponsorship to Branko Kokir, a member of the extended MERKUR family in Serbia who led an expedition of 13 amateur climbers on an ascent of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Sascha Blodau, General Manager, MERKUR UK said: “We are delighted to be able to support the fund-raising activities of Branko and our colleagues from MERKUR Serbia who learned about the work of the MERKUR Initiative programme that we launched in the UK earlier in the year.

“MERKUR Initiative is on course to assist 50 community projects in its first year and I’m pleased to be able to provide a helping hand to colleagues who are raising money for causes promoting well-being and the environment. The brand is committed to being a good corporate citizen and these causes chime with our work alongside the National Trust an organisation that we have supported by funding the planting of 1,500 trees.”

The purpose of the expedition was to take a group of amateur trekkers outside of their comfort zone. The air at the summit contains about half of the breathable oxygen most of us are used to at sea level so it represented a real challenge. Kilimanjaro is not only the highest peak in Africa but it is also the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and home to a variety of ecosystems and microclimates encompassing tropical forests and sub-zero alpine environments.

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