Star Flyer relocated after Blackpool Council orders dismantling

Blackpool Star Flyer ride relocation
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A 65m Star Flyer attraction installed in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens ahead of the Wonderland festival has been relocated, after the council ordered its removal just hours before opening.


The ride, which was one third the height of the Blackpool Tower, was erected by Blackpool Promotions on 18 November, however officials halted construction over safety concerns.

“The view was taken that it would not be safe to operate so close to what is a public highway,” a council spokesperson told the BBC. “When this particular ride arrived in the square, the installation started without the necessary council approvals.”

“It became clear that the overall footprint of the ride, coupled with vehicle mitigation measures, made it too big to fit in the square.”

Following the last-minute decision, council leader Lynn Williams said the authority pledged to do “whatever we could to help the organisers find a new, more suitable location. We have done that by providing a promenade site.”

The Star Flyer, which is Europe’s largest travelling aerial ride, has now been relocated to the Tower Headland, adjacent to the Ice Rink, and offers “spectacular views across the town.” “We can now look forward to a spectacular festive season in Blackpool,” added Williams.

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