Armed robber sentenced to 42 months

Wrexham Admiral AGC robbery man jailed
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A man who robbed an Admiral AGC in Wrexham at knifepoint while wearing a burger wrapper on his face as a disguise has been sentenced to 42 months in prison by Mold Crown Court.


Matthew Pritchard, admitted taking amphetamine before committing the offence the morning of 20 September, stole £120 from the arcade before being caught by police. “Pritchard had a butchers’ knife and the robbery was at the Admiral Arcade in Regent Street,” reported the Daily Post. “A CCTV operator saw him minutes later and police were alerted.”

“The prosecutor said the knife-wielding defendant ran across a road and made a roaring sound. Passers-by fled before he was Tasered by police and arrested.”

Pritchard had already been seen brandishing the weapon in a nearby Lidl the morning of the incident, and was described by witnesses as being “pumped up.”

The 35-year-old admitted to robbery, affray and possession of the knife during the trial last week, with his lawyer stating he suffered with mental ill health and had been homeless.

Commenting on the case, Judge Rhys Rowlands said “the fact you were on the streets of Wrexham, having armed yourself with a knife, is something that concerns me. It’s very dangerous.”

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