New venues accounting for 30 percent of Blueprint machine orders post ACOS

David Purvis Blueprint Operations new venues high street orders post ACOS
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Now that the dust has settled on what was a successful ACOS, exhibitors are able to provide a more detailed picture of the market: for Blueprint the emergence of new high street venues is helping to drive machine sales.


Renewed market confidence, a really strong product offering and the opening of new gaming ventures on the high street are all combining to help drive the sales of Blueprint digital machines, according to post- ACOS feedback from the brand, which is part of MERKUR UK.

Reflecting on the market dynamics David Purvis, Managing Director of Blueprint Operations, stated: “We went into ACOS on the back of a very successful quarter in which sales were 50 percent up on the same stage 12- months ago” he confirmed. ”We subsequently put a lot of care and resource into our presence at ACOS which included holding a virtual exhibition the week prior for those members of the industry who were unable or not comfortable with travelling to London and the investment that we made has certainly paid dividends.

“In the month since ACOS we have continued to take orders across the offering both Cat C and B3. Significantly, customers know that despite the well documented supply chain issues and due to a combination of meticulous planning and the fact that Blueprint machines carry the Made In Germany badge we are not subject to the long transit times incurred when production is in the Far East. As it stands currently, we are able to quote the normal delivery times which means that operators are able to invest in their existing premises and perhaps most significantly, that new venues can open with a full complement of top earning Blueprint product and start to pay back on the investment made.”

He added: “Analysing the orders processed during and following ACOS, some 30 percent of the total volume has come from operators launching new venues. Clearly the high street is undergoing a period of significant change and low stake, low prize gambling entertainment venues are bringing much needed live and energy to high streets the length and breadth of the country.’

Blueprint’s new product offering comprises three new cabinets which aim to extend the digital entertainment experience from the home environment into retail venues. The Ultramax Cat C features a seamless edge-to-edge gaming experience courtesy of the two 31.5” screens. The B3 Wave+ and Auroramax+ also feature large screens – the Wave+ has a 43” curved portrait screen with the Auroramax+ boasting two 32” HD screens. Both have a new 15.6” video play deck to deliver a more interactive experience and feature the QXI6000 Quad core PC for enhanced graphical performance and smooth gameplay. David Purvis concluded: “Looking ahead and based on the discussions that we had with customers at ACOS I think there’s a buoyancy and quiet confidence in the market. The high proportion of vacant premises sitting empty on the high street has led to a restructuring of shop rents and the emergence of a more leisure-oriented retail experience all of which augurs well for the future.”

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