Whale of a time for Dundee arcade developers

Dundee arcade developers
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Abertay University and local developer Konglomerate Games have released six new bespoke video games to be made publicly playable at the recently unveiled whale sculpture located next to V&A Dundee.


The 35-metre long installation, designed by Lee Simmons, opened on the Scottish town’s waterfront in October, and will now house a black “monolith” arcade cabinet featuring several sea-themed multiplayer titles.

“It’s been a privilege to work on a project that will entertain Dundonians and visitors to the city for years to come,” said Konglomerate Games CEO Jamie Bankhead.

“We hope the games will help bring visitors to the park and encourage us all to be more social after spending so much time apart.”

The colourful, free-to-play retro games include challenges such as feeding jellyfish and piloting trawlers, and are suitable for all ages.

“We’re so excited to be able to share this preview,” said Abertay University computer arts lecturer and project lead Dr Lynn Love. “We are delighted to co-design this experience with one the city’s most exciting independent studios.”

The project has been funded by InGAME, Dundee City Council and Create Converge, with InGAME director Sean Taylor stating “it’s really pleasing to see video games placed at the heart of Dundee’s most vibrant civic space.”

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