Mumbles Pier the star of new Get To Work TV series

Get To Work tv series Mumbles Pier
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Recovering from Covid is the theme of a new TV series as Mumbles Pier owners, the Bollom family, explain how the virus hit their premier attraction, and how they’re fighting back to restore the business and the pleasure to the south Wales coast.


Mumbles Pier is to star in the first episode of a new UKTV series exploring how familyrun businesses are recovering from the pandemic, with Emma Willis and AJ Odudu visiting the Swansea landmark to help organise a community party.

Get To Work sees the presenters joining pier owners and brothers Bert and Fred Bollom as they attempt to return the pier to its pre- Covid prime, following almost 20 months of heavily- impacted footfall.

“This visit really highlighted the work that the brothers did and the struggles that they experienced,” said Willis. “The pandemic almost caused them to lose one of the only family-run piers in the country.”

“It was amazing to get an insight into how a pier is run and see how much pride they took in what they do.”

The episode, the first in a four part series set to air on UKTV’s W Channel from 22 November, follows the presenters as they learn how to fry fish and chips and run amusements, while the pier is returned to “a bustling hub of activity.”

“Running a business is hard work and you get out what you put in,” added Odudu. “But, as well as passion, you do need support. You can’t do it alone and should never be afraid to ask for help.”

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