New climate change data confirms UK coast at risk

Coast climate central
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As world leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow, environmental research organisation Climate Central published updated data as to which parts of the UK are likely to be underwater by 2050 as sea levels continue to rise.


Portsmouth, the East Riding of Yorkshire, Arun, Merton, Chichester, Kensington and Chelsea, Conwy, Great Yarmouth, West Berkshire and Worthing are the ten locations most at risk, with coastal and low-lying areas particularly at risk.

“According to Climate Central’s interactive coastal risk screening tool, rising sea levels could render parts of North Wales and eastern England underwater in thirty years, along with swathes of railways, farmland and holiday resorts,” reported the Metro.

“The eastern coast is predicted to be majorly hit with the sea potentially claiming large areas inland including  are among the areas that could be underwater by 2050.”

As well as Climate Central’s report, locations intelligence provider Gamma predicted more than 1.3m residential and commercial addresses in the UK will be at risk of flooding by 2050, with sea levels likely to increase 12 inches above 2000 levels by the year 2100, regardless of whether world leaders are able to deliver a low-greenhouse gas strategy.

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