Central Pier plans £4m ‘bigger’ wheel for 2023

Blackpool Pier Company Central Pier Wheel
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As Blackpool prepares for a wave of tourist-focused investment and development, the town’s Central Pier is joining the trend – announcing plans for a “bigger, taller and even brighter” big wheel.


The Blackpool Pier Company has announced Central Pier’s iconic 33-metre big wheel is to be replaced by an even larger 50-metre wheel, as part of plans to make the attraction more accessible and sustainable.

If approved, the new £4m wheel will be installed in time for Summer 2023, bringing its predecessor’s time on the pier to a close after 33 years, and ushering in a new period for both the piers and the resort.

“Already an iconic attraction to Blackpool’s shoreline, the new Big Wheel which will be bigger, taller and even brighter will look to enhance this landmark attraction for both the Piers and the resort,” said a spokesperson for the Sedgwick family.

“It is intended that the increased footfall and revenue that the new attraction will generate will be reinvested to create long term security for the Piers.”

A number of the carriages on the new wheel will be fully-wheelchair accessible, some will be enhanced for VIP experiences, while all will be partly enclosed to protect riders from adverse weather conditions, with the whole attraction set to improve the pier’s carbon footprint.

“Its sustainable and state of the art technologies will see immediate results in reducing energy consumption which will be the first chapter in a greener energy revolution that the company is working towards.”

“The plans will be subject to discussion and approval, but the Piers are uniquely positioned geographically to take advantage of green technology solutions.”

The current wheel was manufactured in Holland and installed on the pier in April 1990, with construction on its replacement now expected to begin early 2022, the same year work will begin on the new £300m Blackpool Central complex, and £2.3m Golden Mile development.

“It goes without saying that the new Big Wheel will continue to provide unrivalled views of the Irish sea and unique coastline including the newly formed promenade headlands that millions have had and will continue to have the pleasure of enjoying year after year.”

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