GamePro takes centre stage for Reflex, backed by brand new analogue

Reflex Gaming GamePro ACOS 2021
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The full portfolio of GamePro products was out in force for Reflex Gaming at last week’s Autumn Coin Op Show, but chief product officer Mat Ingram also reemphasised the UK manufacturer’s commitment to analogue “where it is the right thing to do”, with brand new Cat C and B4 machines gracing the company’s popular ACOS stand.


Reflex Gaming took plenty of orders for GamePro at this year’s Autumn Coin Op Show, which also proved as an effective launchpad for the manufacturer’s new analogue machines.

A proven earner for operators across the country, the GamePro range now comes in three iterations as well as in a pod with a circular digital topper, which Reflex’s chief product officer Mat Ingram noted as a “stand-out” performer at the show. For some operators, however, digital is not the ideal solution, and Ingram emphasised the importance of Reflex’s commitment to analogue despite its much reduced presence on sites over the last decade.

“We had our full range of GamePro products including the 3-screen upright cab, the twin-screen upright and the GamePro Max lounge cab which was very popular with our visitors. The pod of Game-Pro cabinets with the circular digital topper above it was a stand-out product for the whole show, I think,” he commented. “We also had some brand new analogue Category C and B4 games to show, which we hope underlined our commitment to providing analogue product where it is the right thing to do, rather than shoe-horning inappropriate digital product into venues that shouldn’t have it. There is still a very valuable role for analogue product in pubs and arcades and we will continue to innovate in these product sectors.”

Ingram described the mood at ACOS as one of relief and positivity, with the worst of the pandemic looking to be over from a business perspective, and a lot of potential on the horizon as 2021 comes to an end.

“That’s certainly our view at Dransfields and Reflex,” he confirmed. “Our machines are performing better than they were in 2019 before the pandemic, when they were already market-leading, and I’ve seen positive trends even in the last 12 weeks with respect to income growth. I also had many discussions about the GPT cashless payment solution and the evolution of that within Reflex products as we learn from our field trials, and build on the current success with further product enhancements.”

After almost 20 months out of the exhibition spotlight, the GamePro range was in hot demand, with some customers even making an exception to visit ACOS – rather than wait for EAG or ICE – to get their orders in early for next season.

“We were very pleased with the attendance, particularly on the Wednesday. I think, because it was the first show for a while, everyone was keen to get out and meet up again, and we saw quite a few visitors that may not have come historically to ACOS, preferring in the past to wait for EAG or ICE,” explained Ingram. “We did good business too, so our order books are starting to look very healthy for the first quarter of next year as operators and retailers plan out their activities beyond the New Year.”

Looking ahead, Ingram was excited to reveal a whole host of developments that Reflex will be rolling out.

“Over the course of the next few months, we have some really ground-breaking product innovations for the pub and club sectors, as well as the implementation of the software-only GPT cashless solution, exciting new momentum in Age Verification technologies, and a number of other Top Secret projects that we will reveal in due course,” he concluded. “All of that on top of our “business as usual” of supplying a great pipeline of quality games at a cadence unparalleled amongst our peers, sitting on top of the best tech in market. I’m looking forward to the next show!”

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