Bacta pleased to see industry back to business

Bacta stand ACOS 2021
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Coinslot: How did the show go for you – was there good footfall and interest in Bacta’s activities?


John White: It was a wonderful opportunity to see our members face to face after such a long time of 2D interaction via screen. I thought the show was extremely positive and heard reports from suppliers of good business done.

Coinslot: What were the show highlights – both products and issues facing your members?

John White: Well I may not be exactly impartial but the Game Payment Technology solution for pool tables is definitely a game-changer in my opinion and visitors to the stand seemed to agree.

Coinslot: It was the industry’s first UK gathering for over 20 months – how did you guage the mood and what were the main talking points?

John White: I had several discussions with members about the continuing challenges around the supply chain – bringing equipment into the country continues to be costly and difficult. However, I can also see that this industry continues to be ingenious when it comes to finding solutions and business seemed to be buoyant. The mood was extremally positive, a great sentiment to experience when so much of the past eighteen months has been so difficult. The talk was definitely of the future, the great season the seaside sector had just experienced and some of the new products coming forward. There are high expectations of a bumper EAG.

Coinslot: Clearly happy to be back at live events, what’s on the agenda for you between now and the next UK expo at EAG in terms of new products and new projects?

John White: For us, ACOS kicked off a series of virtual and live events between now and EAG. We have our SR Exchange on 10th November and the Parliamentary Reception and Convention to look forward to on the 24th and 25th of November respectively. Our MP and Government engagement will continue at pace as we run up to the publication of the Gambling Review White Paper.

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