Happidrome Arcade hit with flood of sewage

Happidrome Amusements Southend flooding
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Happidrome Arcade owner Martin Richardson has described his “heartbreak” after heavy rain and blockages caused drains to flood Southend seafront with 18 inches of sewage last week.


Documenting the situation on 20 October via a live social media video, Richardson revealed it was the third time in eight years that the arcade has flooded due to drainage issues.

“Here we are again,” said Richardson. “Southend seafront, eighteen inches of fucking water, under it again. What do you do? It’s soul destroying, heartbreaking.”

“Forty-five minutes after this rain started and the seafront flooded, the seafront is still not closed. The council couldn’t get their thumb out of their own arses to sort this out, and all we got is idiots like this flying down the seafront thinking it’s good fun to set bow-waves going.”

Despite the flooding, Happidrome was able to avoid serious water damage due to the arcade’s own barrier system, designed and installed after the 2016 flood by Richardson himself, who noted “they worked fantastic with only a few small leaks. Inside stayed safe.”

Following the flood, an Anglian Water spokesperson said: “Our teams are investigating a significant blockage on one of the sewer pipes that feeds Southend-on-Sea Water Recycling Centre.”

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