Electrocoin excels at “exciting” ACOS

John A Stergides Electrocoin ACOS 2021
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Electrocoin delivered a bumper selection of products at ACOS this year, from innovative shooting games to classic-style pinballs, with head of sales and marketing John A. Stergides noting “everyone was very positive and excited.”


Electrocoin was well placed to capitalise on a “very positive” ACOS this year, with its extensive selection of redemption and gaming products drawing visitors from the moment they stepped through the exhibition hall entrance.

Electrocoin stand ACOS 2021The manufacturer and supplier’s head of sales and marketing John A. Stergides was on hand to guide customers through the firm’s expansive range, and told Coinslot which machines were expected to gain traction ahead of the 2022 season.

“It was a very positive show especially as we were displaying a number of new and exciting products,” said Stergides. “I think it was the best footfall for an ACOS exhibition.”

“Most operators had a very good summer season and were looking to the year ahead and seeing what new products they can add to the amusement centre to enhance the player experience.”

Thankfully Electrocoin was ready and willing to showcase a number of its latest products pitched to deliver high customer engagement, with Stergides stating: “I think the biggest highlights were our new shooting game, Skill Shooter along with the new Basketball adventure game – Castle Attack.”

“Our new Mr Do Air balls and the new Godzilla pinball by Stern also drew a lot of attention. And finally, the popular Skill Cut Winner which was on display in the new colours of Black and Violet.”

Echoing the sentiment of many who attended ACOS this year, Stergides added that “everyone was very positive and excited to see what the year will bring and are keen to plan ahead.”

“They enjoyed the day at the exhibition and it was a great time as we were able to catch up with those we hadn’t seen for some time, meet new people and have that feeling that we are now going back to normality was a big plus.”

“Most people also understood that due to transport and import issues, they will need to pre-order to guarantee products in time for next year.”

With next year now fast approaching, Electrocoin noted that though the next few months will be spent focused on “enhancing and improving our product line,” the company is “always looking at innovative products and are currently working on a new line across all areas.”

“EAG should see some new additions to our portfolio of products, whether that’s enhancing the current line or presenting brand-new products.”

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