ACOS was big, EAG will be huge

Whitehouse Leisure ACOS 2021 Mark Titterton
Mark Titterton, Whitehouse Leisure
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Overrun with footfall over a busy two days at last week’s Autumn Coin Op Show, Whitehouse Leisure are looking forward to an even bigger event in January, with managing director Phil Setter promising “a fantastic collection of new and exciting products” set to launch next year.


Whitehouse Leisure has promised “a fantastic collection of new and exciting products” at next year’s EAG following a successful outing at a particularly busy Autumn Coin Op Show.

Managing director Phil Setter noticed straight away that last week’s event might be one for the record books, with manufacturers, suppliers, operators and amusement enthusiasts alike turning up in droves for a two day reunion of the industry.

“Clearly there was a huge demand for this event and people wanted to be there,” commented Setter. “Footfall was brisk from the opening and didn’t seem to slow down across the two days.”

Indeed, such was the attendance of ACOS, Setter believes that the next exhibition on the calendar, the EAG Expo on the 11-13 January at the ExCeL in London, is destined to draw in massive crowds. Whitehouse Leisure will again be exhibiting its portfolio of plush and redemption products, with the company preparing to launch plenty of new prizes for FEC operators to view.

“Judging by the attendance and positive mood at ACOS I think we can look forward to a HUGE event at EAG,” Setter noted. “Despite the challenges of not being able to travel to Asia, we have a fantastic collection of new and exciting products to launch for next year. EAG is just 10 weeks away, including Christmas and New Year but we started our development and buying early this year and are really looking forward to attending the show.”

Despite some concerns that suppliers wouldn’t be as fully stocked as usual, the atmosphere was buzzing at the ILEC Conference Centre, according to Setter, who reassured Whitehouse Leisure customers that shortages wouldn’t affect their supply of plush and redemption products.

“We felt the mood was incredibly positive and it was great to see so many smiling faces. Clearly the industry has seen a huge uplift in demand since re-opening,” he continued. “There was some concern about supply chain issues going into 2022. Fuelled by the press, talk of stock shortages has dominated the news over the past few weeks and customers were looking for reassurance that this wouldn’t be a concern for them over the coming months. That seemed to be on everybody’s minds.”

While supply chain issues are affecting many companies, there was certainly no lack of demand at last weeks ACOS – both for products, and for face-to-face conversations – and it looks certain that EAG will follow suit.

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