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Elizabeth Speed Bacta SR Exchange agenda
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In the run-up to the Bacta SR exchange which takes place on November 10, Coinslot caught up with Elizabeth Speed, General Counsel, Novomatic UK and chair of Bacta’s social responsibility committee.


Coinslot: What have been the main projects you have been working on since taking on your role/s on the Social Responsibility Committee?

Elizabeth Speed: I have been a member of the committee since it was established in 2015 in the days of meetings in bacta’s very hot offices on Buckingham Palace Road and was delighted to take over the position of chair from Gabi in 2019.

We have overseen a range of important projects, from the SR exchanges, to the new bactaPortal.

Many of these initiatives have looked at new ways of empowering front line staff through training, so that they know how to effectively communicate and support players.

Coinslot: How has the pandemic affected the focus of the committee if at all?

Elizabeth Speed: Our focus has remained fixed on highlighting and improving the SR measures throughout the membership.

Lockdown was an incredibly difficult time for all and while we were all thrilled to be re-open, we appreciated that new issues on the social responsibility front arrived with Covid.

For example, age verification of customers wearing masks had to be dealt with and refreshing staff who had been on lengthy periods of furlough was an issue for us all. The committee is there to help members through with the support of compliance officers.

Coinslot: How does the committee work within the different Divisions of bacta?

Elizabeth Speed: We have a good cross section of members from each of the four divisions and from large medium and smaller operators which is really important.

Detailed discussions and brainstorming from all of the differing perspectives certainly leave us with lengthy lists of action points at the end of our sessions.

Coinslot: What unique perspective do you feel you bring to your role on the Committee and what do you get out of this role?

Elizabeth Speed: When I joined the Luxury Leisure/Noble Organisation more than 15 years ago, the fundamental importance of SR to the business and our industry was immediately apparent.

That has been reinforced in spades over the years, within Novomatic, Bacta and its membership and is something I feel very strongly about on a personal level.

I have been a member of Divisions 1, 2 and 3 and National Council for a number of years and it is really rewarding to see social responsibility embedded as one of our core driving principles and for the committee to play an active part in driving that forward.


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