Sega Amusements promises more blockbuster IPs at IAAPA

Sega Amusements IAAPA blockbusters
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Sega Amusements have a line-up of “huge Hollywood blockbuster IPs” set to launch at upcoming events IAAPA and EAG.


While the details of those IP’s are yet to be announced, the company has revealed it will follow up last year’s Mission Impossible Arcade launch with Mission Impossible Arcade Deluxe this year, introducing a 2-player cabinet with a new floor featuring base-shakers to deliver an adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience. The company will also be exhibiting VR Agent, an attendant free VR game, Jet Blaster, a watercraft racing game, and ATV Slam, a motion based racing game that now comes in a standard non-motion cabinet.

Sega Jet Blaster“We have a great line-up of products due to be launched at upcoming IAAPA and EAG. We are once again bringing huge Hollywood blockbuster IPs to the amusement market,” said Justin Burke, general manager and sales at Sega Amusements. “While we cannot discuss details just yet, the licences are set to bring energy and excitement to the video redemption category. The brands are just perfect for the current market and in initial testing have shown to be a powerful attraction for players of all ages.”

Burke added that it’s also the perfect time for new products to thrive as the industry makes a comeback from one of its most challenging periods. “It’s great to see our industry bounce back after the tough 18 months,” he continued. “As game developers and arcade operators we are glad that we are able to contribute to the growth of the wider economy and bring smiles back to people’s faces.”

Burke also highlighted social gaming as a big new trend in the UK, noting that a lot of new locations with a social gaming aspect have opened up and that Sega Amusements will be looking to support them. As well as trends, there have also been new challenges

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