Mr P’s confirms “ambitious” growth plans

Mr Ps Maidstone Reel Fruits to reopen
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Mr P’s Amusements has confirmed a number of “ambitious projects” are being undertaken across its retail estate, as the company prepares to reopen Maidstone Reel Fruits “with all belts and braces.”


As owners Dave and Amelia Douglas mark almost 12 years in the world of arcades, the couple are already looking ahead to the next decade, optimising their four existing arcade locations with “more ambition and drive than ever before.”

“Reel Fruits Maidstone will not be as good as it was before March 2020,” said Dave Douglas via social media. “It will be better, and this is our major concern. It will propel like a far reaching beacon in the sky and literally be something that even we have not presented to the Classic world to date.”

“Due to the incredible games heading to the new look Reel Fruits we worry if it will even crush our other locations!”

Alongside the new machines, token bank accounts are to be created in Reel Fruits Bognor Regis and Maidstone – alongside “any future Reel Fruits locations” – while some “oddball” stake and prize additions to Mr P’s Classic Amusements have helped the brand return to pre- Covid levels “and beyond.”

“There is much work to do,” added Douglas. “In some respects we have only started our descent from the tip of the iceberg we founded some 11.8 (lol) years ago.”

“It’s been so so hard, like you would not believe but it’s been worth every second of the journey.”

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