Bongo’s Bingo set to break America

Bongo's Bingo set to break America
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The founder of Bongo’s Bingo has revealed his intention to premier the concept in America, following sold out stints for the irreverent event in Ibiza, Dubai, Australia and across the UK.


Johnny Lacey, who created Bongo’s Bingo with business partner Joshua Burke in 2015, confirmed plans are already in place to launch the club-inspired bingo night across the pond.

“Before COVID hit, the plan was pretty much signed and sealed for heading over to the States,” Bongo told Lad- Bible. “Now that we’re back on our feet after the pandemic, this is the stuff that we’re starting to work on again.”

“I’d love to develop the show over there, obviously, the American audience is a bit different – I enjoy hosting shows to different audiences.”

The first Bongo’s Bingo events took place in 2010 in Liverpool pub The Shipping Forecast, however, Burke’s events and marketing experience soon turned the small-scale quiz night into a major international success.

“I’m still pinching myself, we’re six/seven years in now and the opportunities are still around and the scope of it, I think it will go on forever, the same way traditional Bingo has.”

“At its core, it’s just a bit of fun, people can just have a laugh.”

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