Blackpool enjoys “exceptional” tourism figures

Blackpool exceptional tourism figures
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Blackpool Council has reported tourism in the town is enjoying “a remarkably strong recovery” post-pandemic, with footfall on the seafront and Promenade during July and August up 60 percent on 2019.


Mobile phone data revealed almost 11 million visited the Prom across the two month period, while town centre footfall rose 26 percent to 7 million, as major events attracted holidaymakers to the Fylde coast.

“Key indicators such as car parking, inbound rail, and mobile phone monitoring data indicate that Blackpool’s tourism industry has enjoyed a remarkably strong recovery to date,” reported the council’s tourism committee.

“Businesses across most tourism and hospitality sectors in the resort are reporting exceptional results compared to 2019 (the last full year of tourism activity pre-pandemic) and strong bookings over the remainder of this year.”

Large-scale events such as the World Fireworks Championship and Illuminations extension have boosted visitation, with major Christmas programmes at the Winter Gardens and Tower Festival Headland expected to help consolidate the tourism boom.

“We hope to have really good things happening in the last three months of the year and build foundations for next year,” said council head of tourism Philip Welsh. “Next year we will have the challenge of the return of European travel.”

“We don’t want to see this year as a one-season wonder, we want to build on this year.”

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