Cat B3 limit setting talks reopen

John White Cat B3 limit setting talks reopen
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The launch of standardised limit-setting on Category B3 machines has returned to the industry agenda following the end to Covid-enforced restrictions.


Bacta has started the consultation process to realign the standard which was approved back in 2019 but unable to roll out universally when lockdown commenced and various sectors were closed under different devolved rules and timeframes.

Bacta has confirmed that meetings with the Bingo Association, manufacturers and operators have been organised to clarify the limits and determine a new launch date – currently mooted for summer 2022 to enable manufacturers to add the settings into their development schedules.

Bacta CEO John White noted: “Our original time line for implementation across the board was June 2020, but as you’d expect Covid put paid to that. Some operators in the bingo and bookies sectors were able to introduce limits into a number of B3 environments, but there are slight departures from the current standards. So we just need to ensure we get clarity across the industry on what is best to do.”

The technical process applies to Cat B3 machines and it was confirmed that there was no active debate on the introduction of limit setting on Category C machines.

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