SB Machines’ Kangaroo Carousel and Wave Patrol stand out from the crowd at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Kangaroo Carousel ACOS
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SB Machines is using ACOS 21 to showcase Kangaroo Carousel and the all new Wave Patrol among a stand of the best of Italian coin operated rides.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor amusement facilities, both Kangaroo Carousel and Wave Patrol are medium sized rides, suitable for indoor and outdoor amusement facilities, that ‘stand out from the crowd’.

“We are excited at presenting these rides to our customer base because they have set new standards in the market,” said Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines. “They are multi-seater, £2 per play and visually appealing, these rides stand out from the competition.” Sidoli explained that SB Machines and its manufacturers have studied the demands of the UK and Irish market and these rides are the result of many months of research and development. He emphasised that key to the success of these rides was the £2 per play barrier, which Sidoli believes has finally been overcome with rides that can justify this increased price per play.

“Our rides need not only to stand out from the competition but they also need to compete with other alternative amusement offerings such as redemption,” concluded Sidoli. “These rides achieve this goal. They are compact and manoeuvrable, yet pack a huge punch on any amusement premises. Using the latest technology, these rides are backed by SB Machines legendary after sales service.”

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