Industry concerns over delivery times dominate VACOS conversations

Nicola Wallbank Blueprint Machines VACOS 3D exhibition ACOS 2021
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Blueprint’s VACOS virtual exhibition has flushed out the main talking points of the moment and they relate to having access to the best machines delivered at the earliest possible opportunity


The positive projection comes on Feedback from VACOS, Blueprint’s virtual 3D exhibition which took place as a prelude to ACOS, has confirmed the strength of industry fears regarding extended delivery times as a result of the intense pressure on the supply chain which has seen the cost of components rise exponentially and made others painfully scarce. Reflecting on VACOS, which was the second virtual exhibition to be organised by Blueprint this year, Nicola Wallbank, Head of Corporate Accounts said: “Visitors to VACOS all wanted to talk product with the team who were on hand to have conversations and meetings in real time. But I would say that in almost every case the second question was about delivery times. The supply chain is big news, with brands such as Apple having to cut back on production due to a shortage of components and car production down for exactly the same reason.

“Because we started planning for the show season some six months ago and the fact that our cabinets are manufactured in Germany we are not facing the same degree of pressure and are quoting normal 10 to 14 days delivery from placing an order. We are committed to providing our customers with fast, efficient delivery times which mean they can plan their investment programmes and the opening of new businesses safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to wait for their Blueprint machines.”

Launched primarily to help customers who are unable to physically attend ACOS, the virtual show also proved popular with those wishing to have an early view of the Blueprint product offering prior to experiencing the games live. “This is the second time that we’ve staged a virtual exhibition and my gut feel is that we’ve had a greater number of visitors this time round which is really encouraging” stated Nicola Wallbank. “We’ve worked hard in partnership with our VACOS supplier to make the experience as interactive as possible and a large proportion of visitors have used the Instant Conversation, Guided Tour and Book a Meeting features which is a sign that the industry feels comfortable with and likes what we are providing.”

Blueprint’s product offering represents a formidable line-up of three new cabinets comprising the B3 Wave+ and Auroramax+ and the Ultramax Category C. The Ultramax features two large 31.5” screens, an integrated wireless phone charger, the MD100+ Gold note acceptor with spectral head technology, a 75-note recycler with multi-note pay-out options, and an optional pin camera which is integrated into the cabinet to provide for age verification technology – all powered by the Quixant 6000 PC. Blueprint’s Wave+ and Auroramax+ follow the same player-led theme. Both feature large screens – the Wave+ has a 43” curved portrait screen with the Auroramax+ boasting two 32” HD screens. Both have a new 15.6” video play deck to deliver a more interactive experience and the QXI6000 Quad core PC for enhanced graphical performance and smooth gameplay. The Wave+ is supplied with an optional plinth which can raise the height of the machine and has new game play buttons that are resistant to the degradation caused by anti-bacterial cleaning products.

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