Scarborough opposes Chalet Cafe amusements rides plans

Scarborough vintage rides denied planning permission
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Scarborough Borough Council has voted against giving Chalet Cafe planning permission to continue operating vintage rides on the North Bay Promenade, after councillors branded the site “really poor and unsightly.”


The selection of eight rides, which were operated throughout summer under permitted development rights, required full approval to remain in place, however the council’s planning committee recommended the application be refused on 7 October.

“All the people who know Scarborough know the South Bay is the commercial side and the North Bay is the side where it is kept natural,” said councillor Hazel Lynskey.

“This summer when I saw the rides, I realised they were less than perfect. If you are going to put something on this site, surely you don’t bring any old ride from anywhere and plant it in Scarborough.”

Speaking at the meeting, councillor John Casey added: “I have been past this site a few times over the last few months and I find it really poor and unsightly. It doesn’t look suitable for this area.”

Ryedale Estates, acting on behalf of the applicants, told the council it was “disappointed” with the decision, noting it faces “no choice” but to appeal the decision.

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