Soundnet: ‘Deals to suit everyone’

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Soundnet/TouchTunes are marking the industry’s return to live events with an array of special offers for jukebox operators. And, making the trip to London all the more worthwhile will be the debut of the V5 jukebox kit, designed to bring a turbocharge to older Sound Leisure jukes. Toby Hoyte explains all.


ACOS will be the first chance for the industry to get together again and Soundnet/Touch- Tunes are celebrating by offering a number of financial incentives to kick-start jukebox revenues on site.

For premium sites, there is the market-leading Angelina from TouchTunes. Not only is finance available on the initial purchase, there are also different revenue share or fixed rate music update options to choose from.

“Angelina is not just a fantastic looking jukebox, it’s also the most advanced technically,” says Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “The build quality and stability of these jukes speak for themselves. They are rock solid and easy to set up too. They all come with 30K tracks on the juke – these are the key tracks every juke should have, but then with online access to around 1 million songs these jukes really do perform. Every TouchTunes juke has access to the TouchTunes app. This is where customers can select and pay for songs using their phones. This is possibly the future of jukeboxes in my opinion.”

With Angelina, customers choose the best music payment option for them. They can pay either 18 percent of all income or a flat fee of £60/month + 18 percent of the phone app revenue. The customer chooses the best option for them on all their Angelina jukes. There is no minimum fee and no hidden charges.

“We will be offering the best deals we have ever had on Angelina during ACOS. This is a new period in the history or Soundnet/TouchTunes,” adds Hoyte. “I would strongly suggest that customers pop by the stand and have a chat with either me or Carl, or Tony from Sound Leisure at the show.”

In addition, ACOS sees the first unveiling of the V5 jukebox kit – created by Sound Leisure to turbo-charge older Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes and give them the benefit of the ground-breaking Milestones in Music package. This plug and play kit gives older jukeboxes the benefit of access to 2.5 million tracks and the Official Chart Company Singles and Album charts.

“Not surprisingly, the V5 has been a game-changer for many of our customers, who have sites that are perhaps not premium jukebox venues but who could benefit from an upgrade. I have sold hundreds of these in the past 12 months,” says Hoyte. “With the Angelina and the V5, we have something to suit every site and budget.”

Toby and Carl will be available with pencils sharpened on stand 94 at next week’s ACOS show.

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