Skegness MP calls for investment in yearround attractions

Skegness investment
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The member of parliament for Skegness has welcomed a report from the Director of Public Health in Lincolnshire recommending investment in year-round facilities in order to tackle inequality, stating “it’s an important issue.”


The study, published in July, advised funds be allocated to higher education facilities, transport, health care staff and non-seasonal business diversity, with MP Matt Warman hailing the work done already by local firms such as the Mellors Group. “The problems are well known,” said Warman. “Skegness has a seasonal economy, a low wage economy and too many people leaving the town too early.”

“It’s about how to build businesses that are not as seasonal. There needs to be sufficient footfall throughout the year. In Skegness, there’s not as many empty shops like there are in some places, but there are still too many.”

The report comes as Skegness Town Council prepares to allocate £162,019 from the Towns Fund, and follows a recent announcement from the Mellors Group that £22m will be invested in revamping the pier, and extending it to its original 528m length.

“If you look at what they’re trying to do, it ticks a lot of boxes,” said Warman. “It’s about job creation, it’s about the heritage of the area, it’s about getting more people to the coast all year round.”

“There’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic, but this is the beginning not the end.”

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