Full £250,000 refit for Adventure Island’s Dragon’s Claw

Philip Miller Adventure Island ride refurbishment
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Adventure Island’s inverting thrill ride The Dragon’s Claw is to undergo a full £250,000 renovation, following 21 years entertaining guests at the Southend seafront park.


As well as a “birthday refit,” the Move It/Spin Out ride will be structurally enhanced by Tivoli Manufacturing, which originally built the ride in 2000 in conjunction with KMG.

“After 21 years The Claw is having a 250K birthday refit,” said owner Philip Miller via social media. “We are sending it back to the manufacturer for a total overhaul.” “It will be re-themed and enhanced with a few new twists and turns. It’s much loved, so just did not want to replace it.”

The ride originally opened in part of the park now occupied by Axis, but was moved to a new area opposite Fireball in 2018, replacing a Tivoli Scorpion that was relocated to Gillwell.

“Enter the Claw and prepare for a war on your senses,” states the Adventure Island website. “Up, down, sideways – this adventure ride will throw you all over the place!”

“The Dragon’s Claw is certainly not for the fainthearted, but it’ll take the fear factor up a notch for the seasoned and the super brave.”

The ride is expected to be rebranded and returned before Easter 2022.

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