V5: Another tool in the operator’s box

Richard Roberts Independent Leisure V5 jukebox conversion kit Soundnet Sound Leisure
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Soundnet and Sound Leisure can teach its old jukeboxes to do new tricks, with Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk using the V5 jukebox conversion kit to upgrade his equipment, and in turn provide a “significant uplift in cashbox”.


Operators across the UK are using the V5 jukebox conversion kit from Soundnet and Sound Leisure to extend the life of perfectly good Sound Leisure digital jukes, giving them the boost of a ‘Milestones in Music’ package with on-demand access to the ‘Unlimited’ library of 2.5 million tracks.

One such operator is Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk who has seen a “significant uplift” in income after leveling up his legacy equipment.

“I have used the V5 to upgrade some older Sound Leisure equipment, where all the cabinet and technology is still good,” said Roberts. “I can literally remove the old PC and plug the kit in and, meaning there is virtually no disruption to the site. What I have seen is a significant uplift in cashbox as a result.”

Indeed, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better, Roberts explains, detailing the need for a more classic aesthetic in certain environments.

“There are some sites where the older style of jukebox works – I have one in a Regency Cabinet with a 19-inch screen and it looks perfect for that period venue. So, the V5 is a great way of looking after that customer,” he added. “I think there are some people who don’t want a new jukebox with all the bells and whistles, they are used to their older model but they still like the extra choice in tracks.”

Roberts has also invested in some Angelina digital jukeboxes from Soundnet/TouchTunes in recent weeks, adding yet more options for his customers.

“Every site is different, the V5 gives me another excellent option that works well for some of my sites,” he concluded. “I am very pleased.”

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