Sam Coleman: “I think the show will give a lot of suppliers and customers confidence going into next year”

JNC Sales Sam Coleman Rocket Launch 3pl
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JNC were back on the expo trail flying the flag in Europe at last week’s IAAPA in Barcelona. Sales & marketing manager Sam Coleman flew back in time for a quick Q&A with Coinslot on how the show went. And it seems the European industry has started to shift into gear with orders taken by JNC and a universal relief that business can be conducted face to face once again.


Coinslot: What was the response for JNC at IAAPA this year?

Sam Coleman: It was great to be at a trade show again and have the opportunity to catch up with distributors and customers.

Prior to IAAPA we were, like a lot of people, unsure what the response to the show would be, but the first few days of the show really validated our involvement and set a mark for future events.

Both inside and outside of the venue we had some great conversations with customers about their plans for next year, so we are certainly leaving the show looking forward to 2022!

Coinslot: What were the key highlights?

Sam Coleman: The highlights for us were certainly just having the chance to catch up with everyone, which has been long overdue.

We were pleased to take orders at the show and we were also really encouraged by the reaction to some of JNC’s new lines for 2022, with our new cranes (Mini House 2ply) and also the new Rocket Launch 3ply redemption game already collecting pre-orders.

Coinslot: What were your impressions on your first outing in 19 months?

Sam Coleman: The setting certainly made the week a lot easier!

Despite a lot of time spent in the build up to the show preparing the various covid tests and all the necessary documentation, it wasn’t actually too painful!

I think the show will give a lot of suppliers and customers confidence going into next year.

Coinslot: Is Europe in a similar position to the UK in terms of market conditions and business confidence?

Sam Coleman: Speaking to our international customers, every country has had a very different “covid experience” and their recovery this year really is different across the board.

I think the FEC market in the UK has had a strong response this year, and this is probably reflected across most European customers but not necessarily all of them.

It is clear though that issues with the supply chain remains a global challenge.

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