Tourism the focus for Cleethorpes masterplan

Cleethorpes Tourism masterplan
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North East Lincolnshire Council has outlined plans for a Cleethorpes masterplan, that will “develop and grow” the town’s tourism offer to create a year-round holiday destination.


With pre-pandemic tourism levels delivering £642m annually, the investment blueprint will focus on encouraging overnight stays from daytrippers in order to increase footfall.

“A Cleethorpes masterplan will help to set out a clear vision for the future development and regeneration of the resort and main town centre area over the next ten years,” states the report.

“It will reflect Cleethorpes’ ambition to develop and grow the tourism offer including increasing footfall, creating sustainable jobs, creating a green economy and environment which maximises low carbon and healthy initiatives in our place, improving infrastructure and encouraging more overnight stays.”

The masterplan, which is expected to be complete within the next financial year, will outline “priority projects” such as creating itineraries of the resort’s attractions, developing park and ride services, increasing public facilities, and exploring new marketing proposals.

Though 10.3 million daytrippers visited Cleethorpes in 2019, just 625,000 stayed for holidays or short breaks, with councillors hoping the new long-term investment strategies will help the town develop a reputation as a year-round resort.

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