Mr P’s Kent AGC cannot open due to staff shortage

Mr P's Classic Amusements Kent staff shortage
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Mr P’s Classic Amusements cannot open its Kent AGC due to a staff shortage that is being felt across the country.


After the Brexit vote, the exclusion of the EU’s 230m-strong labour force for the benefit of the UK’s 35m labour force was expected to shift jobs over to home workers. However, many industries have been struggling to find the staff needed to fill their vacant positions, especially those in the amusements and gaming sectors.

One of them is Mr P’s who blames the “money for nothing lifestyle created by furlough”, but with furlough ending this month, excuses for the inadequacy of the UK labour force are fast running out.

“So it’s nearly impossible to find staff at the moment due to the money for nothing lifestyle created by furlough,” said the operator. “We cannot reopen one of our flagship Kent arcades because we have no one willing to work, starting salary of £26k a year for five days a week work and we cannot fill the position.”

A frustrated Mr P’s added that it is “a sad state of affairs when your financially better off to not go to work”, however there is no benefit system in the UK that provides the unemployed with £26k a year – which is approximately the average salary in Kent, where Mr P’s AGC is located.

“Many employers like ourselves are quite simply ringing the alarm bell screaming ‘HELP’”, concluded the operator.

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