J Holland and Sons approved for new Bournemouth AGC

J Holland and Sons approval Bournemouth AGC
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BCP Council has approved change of use plans submitted by J Holland and Sons to convert a former bank in Bournemouth town centre into a new AGC.


The project will see the ground floor of the four storey Old Christchurch Road property converted to accommodate 60 machines, in turn generating ten new jobs.

“Such a proposed use will positively contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre, but causing no material harm to the Listed Building as no external alterations are proposed,” stated the planning submission. “Internal alterations shall be extremely limited.”

J Holland and Sons already operates a number of AGCs across the country, including one in Weymouth, with the latest addition expected to open to customers from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday.

Just one comment was received on the application during its consideration, submitted by the Bournemouth Civic Society, which recommended the application be approved in order to preserve the exterior appearance of the former bank building.

The remaining three storeys above the site – which sits opposite the former Beales department store at the corner of Albert Road – are set to be converted into flats according to an approval application already submitted to BCP Council.

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