Mark Jepp: When the government speaks don’t believe a word

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo government dont believe a word
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The breakdown in trust between government and the business community is plumbing new depths as Majestic MD Mark Jepp demonstrates.


Mark Jepp, managing director of leading independent Majestic Bingo, has launched a withering attack on the Government’s policy towards the hospitality industry describing it as both disingenuous and confused.

Asked to comment on the proposal to introduce Vaccine Passports for larger indoor venues he told Coinslot: “I agree with Kate Nicholls at UKHospitality when she says that Vaccine Passports will be unworkable and simply cause more stress to staff due to the potential for conflict if they are being asked to refuse entry to nonvaccinated customers.

“It’s as if the sector hasn’t got enough problems already trying to get back on its feet. Bingo has been impacted more than most due to its demographic, the patterns of play and people’s routines being disrupted. Businesses are fragile enough, so how will this help?”

Jepp is equally scathing of the government’s track record accusing it of a series of false promises. “The government’s got form when it comes to misleading the population” he stated. “First of all they claimed it would take three weeks to flatten the curve, then they said there would be no mask mandate, it spent an eye watering £30bn on a world class track and trace system that didn’t work then they changed their minds three times on vaccine passports – the list of cock-ups will fill a book.

“The simple lesson is when they say something, don’t believe a word of it. Why indeed would anyone believe a word that comes out of the prime minister? I cannot believe the electorate is still supporting him.

“I am not a Covid denier but lockdown was a political decision and clearly the medicine has been worse than the disease. We need to learn to live with Covid and continue to protect the genuinely vulnerable – as we should have done from day one. If others want to stay at home and hide behind the sofa or wear a mask for evermore then fine, but let the rest of us get on with our lives.”

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