Instance Automatics launches “simple” cashless installation kit

Instance Contactless installation conversion kit
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Instance Automatics have launched a “full, simple installation kit to convert most machines to contactless payment”.


The amusements supplier says the kit is “the ideal solution for high price of play machines”, such as many of the popular VR games that have hit the market over the last several years.

The kit consists of the Nayax Onyx unit, Instance Contactless I/F PCB, Nayax to I/F PCB loom, Coin Mech to I/F PCB loom, and Nayax mag mount antenna. The end result is that FEC operators can offer contactless payments on their high price of play machines, with players only needing to place their card or phone near the unit to pay for a game.

“[The kit] allows customers to use their credit and debit cards, and also Apple Pay and Android Pay via their mobile phones,” said Ian Eason, owner of Instance Automatics. “This whole kit is available for £350.00, there’s also some stainless steel mounting plates available should you wish to remove the coin mech and go contactless only.”

The rise of cashless payments has been well reported, especially over the last 18 months, prompting many FEC operators to turn to a number of different cashless payment options. Some are designed to provide the entire venue with a cashless ecosystem, while others a provide hybrid approach. However, many operators still remain content that cash is king, at least for their particular circumstances. What Instance Automatics’ full simple installation kit provides is a way for operators who have not gone fully cashless to pick and choose the individual machines that they want to be upgraded.

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