Minister for State Dinenage heads to Gosport for a Game Nation visit

Neil Finch Caroline Dinenage MP Game Nation visit
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Game Nation regional director Neil Finch has been a busy man on the political front lately, welcoming MPs and government ministers to his AGCs recently.


The latest parliamentarian to make their way to Game Nation was Minister of State for Digital and Culture, Caroline Dinenage MP who visited the high street gaming centre in Gosport last week.

Following his meeting with Dinenage, Finch said: “Caroline openly admitted that she knew little of how Adult Gaming Centres operate and what a vital part they play in the local economy. She very much wanted to know more and I was able to give a good overview of the sector and also explain how frustrating it had been during lockdown, trying to get the government to recognise AGCs as part of the retail offer on the high street.”

Finch also showed the Minister the company’s social responsibility measures and demonstrated how important it was to have player protection schemes in place for the customers.

“Caroline was also very interested to discover that we are still very much a cash business in an ever-increasing cashless society,” he added. “She fully understood the need for alternative payment methods as customers are showing increased frustration at the lack of available ATMs within high street locations.”

Reporting back on the visit, there was special praise for Dinenage’s engagement with Finch impressed that the Minister took time to chat to Danielle the venue manager and some of the customers, wishing them the best of luck as she left.

The visit formed part of Bacta’s campaign to help MPs better understand the work of AGCs and their role on the high street.

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