Mr P’s annual summer party celebrates post lockdown life

Mr Ps Classic Amusements annual party Bognor
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Mr P’s Classic Amusements held its annual summer party in its Bognor FEC on 28 August, catching up for lost time after last year’s cancellation.


With Covid-19 now with one foot out the door, the operator welcomed back its loyal customers to the seasonal event, with owners Dave and Amelia Douglas describing the FEC as “jam packed with the most electrifying atmosphere” since the pandemic began.

“The machines behaved themselves well, and we were actually organised for once but that comes down to the right team,” said the operator in its Weekly Waffle blog. “It’s very hard to get a good team, but we have one assembled now in Bognor”

The owners admitted it has been a tough time for the industry lately, but said that the annual summer party had not just been a celebration of the arcade and the summer this year, but of ‘life’ and enjoying what couldn’t be done for so long.

“To see so many of you that came, showed your support to our classic amusements was very touching and really humbled us,” concluded the operator. “We are lucky to have such wonderful people and it’s an honour every time you come through our doors.”

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