Ice crime: Iconic cone stolen and returned to South Parade Pier

South Parade Pier Kidz Island Ice Cream
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South Parade Pier has celebrated the return of a display ice cream cone which was stolen from Kidz Island on 21 August, after CCTV showed the fibreglass model being thrown into the sea by a group of young men.


The damaged ice cream was later discovered washed up on Portsmouth beach by local resident Michelle Ferrett, prompting pier bosses to call for those responsible to come forward and pay for repairs.

“The cones are expensive and cost between £300 and £500,” Kidz Island manager Penelope Wallis told The Portsmouth News. “If these young lads are doing this sort of thing what else are they doing?”

“People shouldn’t think they can just do that. They need to be stopped.” Following the theft, the pier posted the CCTV footage of the five culprits on social media, with a spokesperson stating “we have identified three of them and would be grateful for any help to identify the others.”

Though the remaining members of the gang are yet to be identified, Wallis added: “I would be more than happy if the boys give me £100 for it to be repaired.”

“Give me an apology and all will be forgotten.”

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