Llandudno Pier Wheel installed in two days

Llandudno Pier observation wheel installation
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Llandudno Pier has completed the installation of its new 21 metre-high observation wheel, with engineering crews from Italy erecting the seafront landmark in just two days.


The wheel, capable of accommodating 108 passengers in its 18 gondolas, will be open from midday to 9.30pm every day until late November.

“After building the wheel for two days non-stop, with not a lot of sleep, we were excited and overwhelmed to finally be able to open the new attraction,” pier owner Adam Williams told the Daily Post. “This was quite a moment for us, a milestone for Llandudno and a new era for the pier.

“The town needs something fun, happy and nostalgic that brings you back to your childhood, and this will do just that and the feedback we are already seeing is overwhelming.”

With the wheel arriving on Tuesday 24 August, Williams was also keen to ensure installation was completed before the Thursday, in order not to fall foul of the long-held belief preventing travelling showmen from opening a new attraction on a Friday.

“We had to open the ride on Thursday night as failure to have a single customer on the ride would mean that we would be unable to open on the Friday, delaying the opening by a whole day for the people of Llandudno.”

However, Williams and his team were able to welcome their first customer that evening, who rode for just £1, allowing guests to enjoy the ride without fear of breaking tradition the next day.

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