Perpetual innovation: There’s plenty more Magic from NOVOMATIC!

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Kevin Temple, Director of Sales at NOVOMATIC Gaming UK, talks to Coinslot about the Magic Games™ product dynasty and “the perpetual innovation” that’s driving the gaming giant forward. Timely really, as NOVOMATIC are gearing up for the post-Covid expo season, so we have had a peek into what the market will be seeing for 2022 and beyond.


Coinslot: It’s a significant transitional moment for the original Magic Games™ and Magic Lotto™ product line which has been such a huge success in the marketplace over the last two decades. Technology may have finally caught up with the early models, but can you talk us through what’s happening?

Kevin Temple: The good news is that Magic Games™ HD is very much a current, core product for NOVOMATIC Gaming UK with a very bright long-term future.

We are proud of the foundation that its continued success has been built on and are very excited about the fantastic new games and features available for all to see at the ACOS exhibition in October.

For several years, maintaining the ageing Booksize technology platform utilised in the early Magic Games™ and Magic Lotto™ products was challenging and whilst every effort has been invested in maintaining the dated PC’s, after 20 years in circulation, it’s simply not sustainable.

The current Magic Games™ HD technology “Firefox II” is a recognised, established platform used globally inside and outside of the NOVOMATIC Group of Companies and is destined to be utilised for many years to come.

Coinslot: To be fair, the Booksize PC platform has had remarkable longevity. And there’s still some time on its side. You have units available which could see people through to the end of the year possibly. So how are you working with your customers on moving this on?

Kevin Temple: As expected from all NOVOMATIC products, the Booksize PC was developed and built with performance and durability in mind. It has been testament to the quality of the engineering resources we have behind us that help produce the array of impressive products available from NGUK today. Working closely with our suppliers we anticipated the limited availability of some Booksize PC components some time ago and this helped us forecast and draw from dwindling stock levels, allowing us to provide our customers with as much notice as we possibly could. As it stands, the PC’s are on a “while stocks last” basis and, with current usage levels, we expect the PC’s to be available until close to the end of this year.

Coinslot: Looking at the broader picture, Magic Games™ remains a phenomenal product – what is it that’s maintained its popularity for so long?

Kevin Temple: Magic Games™ has been a market leader for many years and continues to be extremely popular due to the success of the proven classic titles such as Sizzling Hot, Ultra Hot, Wild Safari and more recently, Treasure Chests, Roaring Forties and Sir Francis Drake.

At NGUK we work closely with our successful operations team and our independent customers to monitor game performance, trends and popularity on a national scale, allowing us to develop bespoke game content for the UK market and optimise the game compendiums with a “something for everyone” approach.

As with all NOVOMATIC product development, the player and the operator are at the heart of what we do, this continued focus on perpetual innovation and the needs of our customers is what drives the success of our products.

Coinslot: Is it fair to say that there’s a sense of a changing of the technological guard, with the evolution of Magic Games™ and Novoline™ bringing new technology into the arena? What can we expect Firefox II to deliver?

Kevin Temple: The proprietary NOVOMATIC Firefox II technology platform is no stranger to the gaming industry. There are thousands of Firefox platform Magic Games™ and Novoline™ terminals in UK operations today and have been since 2015.

The powerful and versatile Firefox II technology is perfectly designed to allow NOVOMATIC products to satisfy the continuously evolving technical appetite of the UK market place. Whether it’s Magic Games™ or our networked online Novoline ™ B3 offering, our customers can benefit from a plethora of functionality with features including multi system TITO, promotional tickets, GBG data capture as well as being SR-ready with messaging and limits settings awaiting local activation when the time comes.

Coinslot: NOVOMATIC’s back on the UK expo stage in the next couple of months with ACOS, EAG and ICE returning to action. What are we going to see at these shows from NOVOMATIC?

Kevin Temple: We are really looking forward to all of the upcoming industry exhibitions, although the virtual solution for EAG was an excellent alternative, it will be great to showcase our products in a face-to-face environment.

There will be some exciting new game packs on show for both Magic Games™ B3 and Cat C as well as a preview of the eagerly anticipated, forthcoming casino style games for Novoline ™ B3.

To complement the extensive content range, we will also be showcasing our current and latest addition to the NGUK cabinet portfolio, something that is expected to be a great success on gaming floors across the UK.

We welcome visitors to experience our latest, exciting Magic Games™ and NovoLine™ B3 games in our impressive range of innovative cabinets at stand No 85 at the Autumn Coin-op Show on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October 2021.

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