Pleasureland goes above and beyond for boy who lost toy

Pleasureland Amusements Whitby arcade toy
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Pleasureland Amusements in Whitby has been praised for its “kind and generous” customer service after staff went the extra mile for a customer who left his favourite toy behind.


The operator was visited by Helen Lupton and her son Blake last weekend, but they realised when they returned home that Blake’s favourite toy, a purple sloth named Slothy, had been left behind. Luckily, staff at Pleasureland found the toy, and returned it to the Lupton household along with sweets, more toys, and a note.

“Hi, we thought Pablo (as we called him before we knew he was Slothy) would get scared during his journey so we sent him with a friend and some snacks to share with you when he got back home safe and sound,” read the note from Pleasureland. “So he didn’t get bored we put a fidget pop in with him. Hope Slothy (Pablo) stays safe in the future.”

The gesture inspired Lupton to make a post praising Pleasureland on social media, and encouraging others to visit, adding: “So much we hear bad news but this will surely brighten your day and make you think there is good, honest, kind and generous people out there!”

Picked up by the Mirror newspaper and other nationals, it’s this genuine act of kindness, while small, that epitomises the amusements industry with Pleasureland proving that social responsibility is at the very heart of the amusements industry.

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