Colleen Roper rallies industry to get behind World Fun Fair Month

World Fun Fair Month Future 4 Fairgrounds
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As the first World Fun Fair Month draws near, Future 4 Fairgrounds co-founder Colleen Roper has taken to the local press to grow awareness about the importance of the event.


Ahead of the first World Fun Fair Month this September, Future 4 Fairgrounds co-founder Colleen Roper has spoken out about the importance of the campaign in celebrating “all aspects of the fairgrounds.”

Roper, whose family operates the Rainbow Park amusement site at Hunstanton, told the East Anglian Daily Press about how the event will bring communities and showmen together, and how people across the world can get involved.

“World Fun Fair Month aims to unite showmen and bring people together from around the world to celebrate all aspects of the fairgrounds, and the joy they bring to communities everywhere,” Roper told the media.

“Showmen from the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia are working together to ensure this extraordinary event will be truly global. In September people will be encouraged to visit their local fair, wherever that may be, to enjoy a fun day out for the whole family.”

With fairgrounds across the globe holding special events to mark the contribution of fairs to the community next month, Roper added the event “is a celebration not just of the industry but also of the people that share the unique cultural heritage as Showmen. A tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.”

The campaign also aims to raise awareness to the plight faced by showmen over the past 18 months, the impact cancelled fairs had on the community, and the financial implications still very keenly felt by operators today.

“By working with showmen from all across the world, we will be raising awareness of the importance of fairgrounds with communities everywhere,” said F4F.

“Fairgrounds have been bringing joy to people around the world for centuries, and we cannot wait to celebrate all the fun of the fair with you.”

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