New bowling alley for Stockport’s Redrock complex

Redrock Leisure complex includes bowling alley
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A new ten-lane bowling alley is set to occupy three vacant units in Stockport’s Redrock entertainment complex, as part of an extended ground floor foyer and cafe bar area at The Light Cinema.


The attraction – which will also feature a retro arcade – was approved by the council last week, after planners stated the development will “contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre.”

“Moreover, it is also noted that town centres are currently facing significant challenges, including the continued growth of internet shopping, competition from out-of-centre retail and leisure destinations and wider economic conditions.

“Overall, in this instance the change of use would increase the potential for multipurpose linked trips, contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre and result in the occupation of a vacant unit.”

The £45m Redrock centre opened in 2017, and hosts chain restaurants such as Zizzis and Pizza Express alongside a gym, with the bowling alley joining the existing cinema lobby to form “one multi-faceted attraction.”

“Improving the ‘retail and leisure offer’ in the heart of the town is a priority of the council, alongside reducing the number of empty units at street level,” reported the Manchester Evening News.

“Schemes are appropriate if they promote the town centre as an ‘attractive and prosperous’ commercial hub and aid the regeneration of the ‘M60 gateway’, the report says.”

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