Lamborghini wheel set for Llandudno Pier

Adam Williams Unveils Ferris Wheel Llandudno Pier
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A ferris wheel is set for Llandudno Pier as part of plans to reinvent the landmark as a night-time attraction that can be promoted across the UK.


The custom-made, 69-foot wheel, which has cost operator Adam Williams approximately £1m, has been made by Italian manufacturer Lamborghini. It will be traditional in style, with 18 gondolas carrying six people each, painted all white and fitted with modern lighting that will make it highly visible after sunset.

“This is a new era for the pier. It is the biggest single investment in the promenade since it was built,” said Williams. “The aim is to create more of a nightlife in Llandudno and to extend the shoulders of the season. We do not need more visitors during the busy summer days, but the promenade gets very quiet at night and we can lose three or four hours of trade per night.”

The investment follows a troubling lockdown period for Llandudno Pier, during which its operation was severely tested notably by ongoing maintenance costs and the disappearance of its amusements income. The wheel, however, gives Williams an asset with a small footprint that can always be useful, even if it’s not in Llandudno.

“The Pier only shuts officially on Christmas Day, or when there is bad weather, but the wheel will stay until the tail end of this season when it will go on to do its winter job, before returning to make an appearance in Easter,” concluded Williams.

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