Shipley Estates receives approval for Scarborough AGC

Scarborough AGC planning approval
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Scarborough Council has approved ’Shipley Estates plans for a new AGC in the town centre. With Shipley reassuring the council that the AGC would be “no noisier than a shop”, the project overcame objections from Scarborough’s Civic Society and a member of the public.


Scarborough Council agreed, dismissing these complaints, with planning officers emphasising the AGC would have “little or no impact” on the town centre.

“Representations have been received in objection to the proposal, raising concerns in relation to the loss of a retail unit and that the change of use would be incongruous to this area of town, with no connection between the public and a ‘closed’ shop front,” the officers’ stated in their report.

“The proposed use would sit quietly within the town centre with little or no impact upon the existing mix of uses present or the amenity of Westborough. Whilst, it is appreciated that a vibrant retail centre remains preferable there are no material planning reasons why this application for a ‘sui generis’ leisure type use in a modest sized shop unit should not be granted.

“The loss of the unit from the retail offer currently present along Westborough is not considered to cause harm to the overall vibrancy or viability of the town centre,” the report added.

The new premises will be allowed to open between 9am and 9pm seven days a week.

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