Soundnet offers venues the opportunity to ‘supercharge your Sound Leisure juke with the V5’

Soundnet Sound Leisure V5 kit
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Soundnet and Sound Leisure have unveiled a special promotion for venues to upgrade their older model jukeboxes into a Milestones juke – with a little help from their V5 friend.


Soundnet and Sound Leisure are offering a unique opportunity to jukebox operators to turn their existing and older model Sound Leisure jukeboxes into a new upgraded Milestones juke – almost at the touch of a button.

With an easy plug and play installation, digital Sound Leisure jukeboxes can be instantly upgraded into a more powerful, interactive Milestones model with online access to 3.5 million tracks, the Official Singles Chart and the Album Chart.

“We are releasing the V5 kit now because we know that jukebox operators need a boost and this will create a massive upsell opportunity for our customers. These upgrade kits will take an older Sound Leisure model like a One Stop juke and create a new Milestones juke. This is a very cheap and effective way to upgrade existing sites and repurpose stock units.”

The Milestones systems allow access to the Unlimited music library of 3.5 million tracks. This feature has previously only been available on the Sound Leisure Vhub jukeboxes. “The kits some with a one-year warranty from Sound Leisure.

The kits will also feature built-in wifi to make downloads a doddle. It’s a SSD hard drive so, really stable technology that will stay on site and make money for a long time to come.”

“Operators should contact me now for very special deals on these kits. We have already sold more than 200 of these units in the past couple of months.”

Soundnet are currently offering special deals to upgrade non-Milestones jukeboxes, with Toby Hoyte overseeing a first come, first served offer on the V5.

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