JNC’s Giant Prize Pod Pros almost sold out after year of high demand

JNC Giant Prize Pod Pro
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A proven earner in a year when the industry really needs to earn, Giant Prize Pod Pros have been popular once again with players in the 2021 season, with JNC now down to their last three colour options as operators continue to raid stocks.


Giant Prize Pod Pros have continued to impress in FECs across the country this summer, with JNC crediting their success to the popular mixture of giant prize and tickets.

Evidence of the machine’s high demand is shown by the fact there is only three colours left in stock across the range after the Bristol-based supplier started the year with eight.

“The Giant Prize Pod has been a proven earner for years, and we’ve worked hard with the manufacturer to improve the performance and security of the game, with the upgraded mercy ticket option and the additional feature lighting all helping with its performance,” commented Sam Coleman, sales and marketing manager at JNC. “We’ve also seen the used market prove its worth this year, especially in regards to quality used videos and redemption equipment. For many of our customers I think it’s been a case of taking on proven earners this season and then look to review new lines again in 2022.”

Coleman explained that part of the unique appeal of the Giant Prize Pod Pros is that they are so easy to adapt to current trends, with arcades being able to change the prizes to the latest cultural trend.

“We’ve seen customers use all types of characters and giant toys in the Pods to align with trends and popularity of certain films, which keeps it fresh for everyone,” detailed Coleman.

It’s not all smooth sailing down in Bristol, however, with the distributor not immune to the global shipping and haulage crisis.

“Everyone knows there’s been issues with the supply chain, and of course this has not only slowed down production in our workshop but also the market generally when it comes to bringing in new equipment,” said Coleman. “This has helped the used market this year, but I would expect a strong return on new equipment next year.”

Indeed, JNC will be exhibiting plenty of new lines at several trade shows in the coming months, which Coleman believes will be a great platform to receive customer feedback whilst the products are still in developmental stages ahead of next season.

“Its been a long time since our last face-face show so it will be great to finally have the chance to catch up with people and see how they’re getting on,” he concluded.

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