South Parade Pier withdraws crazy golf plans but keep options open

South Parade Pier withdraws Crazy Golf plans
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South Parade Pier’s operators said they would be looking at “alternative options” after they withdrew plans for crazy golf on Southsea beach.


Father and son Tommy Ware Sr and Jr submitted an application for the crazy golf course to Portsmouth City Council earlier this year.

It would have seen the addition of a 600 sqm facility and linked reception building to the west of the pier.

However, the plans met with public objections over concerns that they would reduce the area of the beach available to the public. Despite this, 48 people wrote to the council in support of the proposal, suggesting it would expand the existing entertainment offering on the seafront.

“We respect the view that many people didn’t support this particular proposal,” said Ware Jr. “The council have told us they want to give us support for alternative options and we are looking into other ideas. We’re open to suggestions for the public and we’re keen to continue our work to improve the offering at the pier.”

He added that any alternative would also be ‘fully reversible, and would likely be introduced for next year’s summer season.

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