Four Thieves branches out into virtual reality

Four Thieves Pub VR
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The Four Thieves in London is the UK’s first pub to have its own virtual reality centre, showing the increasing desire by landlords to diversify their offering.


The owners have in fact turned the entire upstairs space of their pub – an old Victorian dancehall – into a gaming hub. The focus is on group experiences rather than solo arcade games, with a lot of the space given over to a VR experience, which offers more than 10 games playable across three separate gaming booths. There is also a tiny VR experience course, a remote control racing track, and several retro machines around the edges.

Along with the diverse amount of games on offer, the Battersea boozer also promises ‘craft beer for days’, 350 variations of gin and tonic, and a range of food.

The remote control racing track, named Moonshine Raceway, can see up to 10 people compete on a mini remote controlled race car track, with the arcade also being home to a classic Skee Ball machine.

While the set-up might not work for a more traditional pub, The Four Thieves has received excellent reviews for its diverse offer that has set it apart from other venues in a very competitive part of London.

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