Roxy Leisure plan eleventh venue for Edinburgh

Roxy Leisure plan eleventh venue Edinburgh
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Operator Roxy Leisure is planning to launch its eleventh entertainment venue in Princes Street, Edinburgh.


An old BHS basement will be converted to include six bowling lanes, two duck pin bowling lanes, ten American pool tables, five ping pong tables and many more zany activities, like ice curling and nine-hole crazy pool.

The two duckpin bowling lanes mix ten-pin bowling and skittles to create a truly unique game, and the crazy pool course combines crazy golf and pool and players navigate a variety of obstacles to pot the ball on a waist-high mini-golf course under UV light, using a pool cue instead of a putter. Private karaoke rooms and arcade machines are also expected to be available on site.

“We are the leading adult focused competitive socialising business in the UK in terms of number of sites,” said a spokesperson for Roxy Leisure. “We focus on multiple gaming options under the same roof including ping pong, pool, bowling, golf, shuffleboard and arcades to name a few. This allows us to remain flexible and current with market changes”.

The council are expected to decide on the planning application in the coming weeks.

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