Gambling Business Group to widen technology standards across the land-based industry

Gambling Business Group to widen technical standards
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The Gambling Business Group has established an enviable reputation for being at the forefront of establishing technical standards and protocols for the land-based industry. Not surprisingly, technology is top of its agenda moving forward.


The Gambling Business Group, which is the industry’s only cross-sector strategic body, has placed technology at the top of its agenda as it seeks to protect the future prosperity of land-based gambling operators and suppliers in the UK.

Peter Hannibal
Peter Hannibal chief executive, Gambling Business Group

Peter Hannibal, GBG chief executive stated: “Since the GBG answered the operators’ call for the creation of a standard TiTO solution some eight years ago, the organisation and its members have been at the forefront of determining technical standards and protocols for all manner of solutions for the machine sector, including the use of cashless transactions, anti-money laundering measures, machine data capture, promotional vouchers, electronic funds transfers and even a secure data encryption standard for wireless networks in venues.

“Since its formation in 2013 the GBG Tech Forum has been successfully Chaired by Rob Wheeler with his global industry knowledge having delivered solutions in the UK, EMEA, North America and Pacific Asia regions. It’s a great formula that has proven to be highly effective and productive.”

He continued: “The Gambling Business Group is in a unique position in that all of the providers of digital technologies to the British land based market are GBG Members and have the motivation and opportunity to help with the creation and writing of these many standards, with clear guidance provided by the machine operators themselves.”

Hannibal argues that new challenges are continuing to ratchet up for Licensed Operators of Gambling premises, notably the overhaul of the 2005 Gambling Act, increased pressure to improve and record ‘Know Your Customer’ strategies as well as the new approach to regulation being deployed by the Gambling Commission, which itself will create a whole raft of different challenges and pressures on business.

He confirmed: “It’s no coincidence that many of the answers to today’s challenges can be found through innovating and aligning technology, something that the Gambling Business Group and its members have been doing since Day 1.

“GBG members continue to innovate and develop solutions to meet all of the many challenges that are coming over the hill, including those posed by the Government, those from the Regulator and not least those demanded by our valued consumers.”

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