Ireland on the cusp of launching gambling regulator

James Browne Ireland Gambling regulations
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The Irish government is finally pressing ahead with new regulations for the country’s vibrant industry.


The Gambling Regulations Bill is being finalised this summer and will go to Cabinet in September, when the position of a Gambling Regulator will be advertised, according to Minister of State for Law Reform at the Department of Justice, James Browne.

He is hopeful “one of the biggest pieces of legislation in the past 10 years” will be signed into law within months, adding that a “fully independent” gambling tsar will be “CEO”, supported by 100 staff in total.

“The regulator and the board will have powers to fine, as well as powers to revoke gambling licences,” said Browne to the Sunday Independent.

A voluntary charter of people with gambling addictions is also being established under the new laws.

“If you have an addiction you can be prohibited from laying bets online. It is a voluntary list.” said Browne. “A similar system in the UK has been very effective,”

Under the new laws, gambling advertising will now fall under the remit of the regulator, taking it out of the hands of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Gambling on credit cards will be banned outright, and gambling incentives such as special offers are to be abolished.

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